Low Float Gem

Low Float Gem
is a hyper deflationary
defi token

The main idea behind $LFG Token is to provide a decentralized, community ran project, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The path forward for $LFG Token is determined by the strength and support of the LFG community behind it.

Smart Contract Verified

Low Float Gem smart contract is validated and verified by a third-party certification company.

What is Low Float Gem?

Low Float Gem is a cryptcurrency that was created to get back to the “grass roots” low supply mentality. Instead of quadrillions of circulating tokens like many projects, we decided against that. All while providing a modern twist to add a hyper-deflationary aspect. We offer complete transparency and the latest security to all holders. Additionally, the Low Float Gem Liquidity Pool is locked.


Our tokenomics are designed to provide hyper-deflationary transactions on an already low supply.There are no team wallets/tokens.

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    Total Supply

    The total supply of the token will be 500k for circulation.

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    5% per transaction is used for buyback/burn to reduce supply.

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    Project Dev.

    5% Tax will be allocated to Project Development, Marketing and Treasury.

Gem Swap

Buy $LFG on Ethereum using Gem Swap.

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